Dilmah: Single Origin Teas

The tea explosion has unleashed many new terms to tea drinkers, such as Single Origin teas. Single origin teas come from 1 location. Single Origin teas are pure and usually better tasting than blended teas.

Dilmah Tea is entirely grown, handpicked and packaged in Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon). Dilmah offers 100% Pure Ceylon Tea that is Single Origin, which explains why Dilmah Tea is fresher, richer and full of flavor.

Discerning tea drinkers will recognize the distinct difference in the very first sip. Dilmah pioneered Single Origin tea to offer consumers a guarantee of consistency, quality and authenticity. Sri Lanka produces the world’s finest tea; known for quality, character, flavor and aroma.

Single Origin tea is your assurance that Dilmah is not a blend of teas from different places. Every pack of Dilmah Tea proudly states ‘Single Origin Tea – 100% Pure Ceylon.’ Dilmah does offer a few specialty teas from other origins including Dilmah Darjeeling and Dilmah Special Green Tea.

Dilmah has an even more exclusive range of Single Origin teas: Single Estate teas, which come from one region of Sri Lanka.

Dilmah Lovers Leap Estate is single estate high grown tea at 5700 feet above sea level. High above the hill station of Nuwara Eliya, Lovers Leap is named after the tragic legend of 2 young lovers who leap from the top of a picturesque waterfall on the estate. This is an area of outstanding beauty, where the crisp mountain area carries the fragrance of abundant cypress groves, eucalyptus and wild mint.

Dilmah Somerset Estate tea is high grown at 4600 feet above sea level. An estate of 460 hectares, Somerset is in the famous Dimbula Valley on the western slopes of Sri Lanka’s tea country. Tea was first planted here in the 1870s and the flourishing coffee industry was destroyed by a leaf blight.

Dilmah Doombagastalawa Estate tea is mid-grown at 3,300 feet above sea level. Doombagastalawa Estate, established in the mid century Nawalapitiya District, which offers extraordinary scenic beauty as well as outstanding teas.

Dilmah Nilgama Estate tea is low grown at 800 feet above sea level. Known for producing the finest low country tea, Nilgama is an estate of just under 1,000 hectares. It was establish in the early 19th century and is located in the Ratnapura District, an area that is famous as the home of the Ceylon Sapphire gemstone.

The Dilmah gourmet experience even extends to the tea bag. Special triangular mesh bag allows large leaf teas to be used and to brew better as there is more space inside the bag. The tea can be seen clearly through the bag, enhancing its appearance.

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