Chemists Tell How to Make Perfect Cup of Tea

Taking a scientific approach, Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) tells how to make the perfect cup of tea. But, the RSC’s approach may be controversial to many tea drinkers.

To start, the ingredients required are loose-leaf Assam tea, water, fresh chilled milk and white sugar. Then, gather a kettle, ceramic teapot, large ceramic mug, fine mesh tea strainer, tea spoon and a microwave.

First, use fresh water and boil in the kettle. It is best to use fresh water every time you make a cup of tea. Water that has already been boiled loses oxygen. Oxygen is necessary to bring out the flavor of tea.

While the water boils, put a quarter cup of water in the ceramic teapot and place in the microwave for 1 minute. A pre-warmed teapot is required to allow the flavor of tea to develop.

Try to time both activities so they both finish at the same time.

Put 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup directly into the teapot. The RSC recommends a loose Assam tea.

Pour the boiled water in the teapot and let steep for 3 minutes. Many tea drinkers believe that steeping for a longer time increase the caffeine in tea. Actually, caffeine is infused in the tea within the first minute.

Pour milk in the ceramic mug. The RSC recommends pouring the milk in the mug first and before the tea.

Next, pour the tea in the mug over the milk. It is best to achieve a color that is rich and attractive.

Add sugar to your taste and drink the tea between 140°F/60°C.

Now, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry, you have just brewed the perfect cup of tea.

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