Whittard Instant Tea: Turkish Apple

With summer approaching, we want something different than the average iced tea. We really enjoy Whittard Instant Tea specifically the Turkish Apple.

Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish Apple really is full of apple flavor. The apples come through with every sip. Generally, a tangy drink.

To get a great cup of iced tea, mix 3 heaping teaspoons with 1 cup of hot or cold water.

According to Whittard, if you drink the tea hot, it taste exactly the same as the Turkish Apple drink served in Turkey. (We have never been to Turkey so we will have to take Whittard’s word on it unless we hear otherwise).

Whittard says the tea can be consumed hot or cold. But, we prefer it as iced tea; particularly here in Texas.

Ingredients in the tea are: sugar, citric acid, black tea extract and natural flavoring.

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