Glengettie Tea from Wales: An Introduction

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Glengettie tea of Wales is a good solid cup of tea. It is a strong tea with good flavor. Glengettie is owned by the same company that makes Typhoo.

Can you read Welsh. Here is a summary on Glengettie in English and then in Welsh.

A favourite in Wales for generations

The combination of distinctive flavour and quality has made Glengettie a favourite in Wales for many years.

This tea has been specially designed to complement the region’s soft water and was developed and introduced to Wales almost 50 years ago. Glengettie’s reputation has been handed down from generation to generation meaning that, in Wales, there’s always time for a nice cup of Glengettie.

The Glengettie range is available from all leading supermarkets and grocers, predominantly in Wales and surrounding area.

Glengettie – Ffefryn yng Nghymru ers cenedlaethau

Mae’r cyfuniad o flas arbennig ac ansawdd wedi gwneud Glenettie yn ffefryn yng Nghymru ers blynyddoedd lawer.

Ers ei ddatblygu i’w gyflwyno yng Nghymru bron i hanner can mlynedd yn ôl , mae enw da Glengettie wedi cael ei drosglwyddo o genhedlaeth i genhedlaeth. Hyd yn oed heddiw, Glengettie yw’r dewis perffaith ar gyfer cwpanaid berffaith o de.

Mae amser am gwpanaid flasus o Glengettie bob amser yng Nghymru.


  1. Why the name Glengettie? Surely that is more of a Scottish name?

  2. Why the name Glengettie? Surely that is more of a Scottish name? Any info on the history?

  3. Glengettie was originally owned by David & John Llloyd Piggot of Tooley Street & Tower hill in London . Their factory was on Station hill, High Wycombe. What’s happened to them now?

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