Honeybush Tea is Organic, Caffeine-Free and Low in Tannin

Honeybush Tea

Honeybush tea is made from herbs found in Africa. Now, you can get tea direct from Africa with Intaba Teas. Made in South Africa, Intaba Tea is mountain grown and supported by a unique microclimate that produces the highest-quality natural teas.

Honeybush tea also has a small but dedicated following among tea drinkers. Intaba Honeybush tea is an organic, pure and natural honeybush tea. Delicate and fragrant, Honeybush tea (different than Rooibos) is an herb prepared from the flowers and leaves of the cyclopia species plants, which grow only in the mountain regions of South Africa.

For centuries, native Africans harvested and drank Honeybush tea. Naturally caffeine-free and low in tannin, Honeybush tea is believed to have health benefits, relieving sleeplessness and indigestion. Honeybush tea also acts as an expectorant and an antioxidant, possesses antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, and heals minor skin ailments.

More than 23 species of honeybush exist. Intaba Tea uses only the organic Sweet LeafTM honeybush. This variety of Honeybush makes the finest grade of tea. Intaba Honeybush also builds on Intaba Teas’ commitment to social responsibility. All our honeybush tea is sourced directly from a Honeybush job creation project at Haarlem, a subsistence farming community in the Langkloof, South Africa.

Honeybush tea dates back centuries. Honeybush dates to Dutch and British tea trade in Africa in the 1700s. The plant was first noted by botanists in 1705.


  1. I got a box of this tea for my birthday and I love it for its mild, naturally sweet taste. I really recommend that people give this a try.

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