PG Tips Tea: Ethical Tea Pledge

PG Tips Tea is trying to help improve conditions of workers in tea growing countries. PG Tips wants to make all tea used in PG Tips to sourced from growers that provide workers and their families with good working conditions and benefits.

The text below is from Unilever (maker of PG Tips tea). You can find this complete text and more on the PG Tips corporate site.

There’s only one thing we’re as dedicated to as producing great-tasting tea, and that’s making sure that as many people as possible involved in the growing and harvesting process of PG tips tea can work in conditions that benefit them, their families and their environment.

With increasing media coverage about the ethical sourcing of products like tea, coffee and chocolate, we thought you might like to hear about our ethical standards for PG tips tea.

In May 2007, we became the first major tea company to commit to purchasing all our teas from sustainable, ethical sources. Working with Rainforest Alliance, the international environmental NGO, we are applying to audit and certify each and every one of our tea farms to meet their comprehensive environmental and social standards. It’s a slow process, but our goal is to have all PG tips tea bags certified by 2010. We’re doing it because we think it’s better for our teas, better for those who produce it, better for our planet and better for you.

Unilever is also a founding member of an international organisation called the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). The members of this partnership believe in a shared responsibility for the social and ethical conditions involved in the sourcing of tea. The ETP works to monitor conditions of tea production around the world to ensure that tea estates comply with the relevant laws and union agreements of their country in the areas of employment (including minimum age and wage levels); education; maternity; health and safety; housing and basic rights. The ETP strives to work in close partnership with tea producers and other stakeholders to encourage open dialogue to ensure appropriate living and working conditions of tea estate workers and seek improvements where needed.

Full details of the ETP and its work can be found on

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