Barry’s Tea Selection Guide Pt 2

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Barrys Gold
Most popular type of Barrys Tea.
Taste: smooth
Box Color: bright red
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry’s Gold tea bags or Barrys Gold loose tea.

Barrys Classic
A premium tea from Barrys.
Taste: full-bodied; stronger than Barry’s Gold
Box Color: dark red, almost brown.
Brews: dark brown color.
Availability: Barry’s Classic tea bags or Barrys Classic loose tea.

Barrys Irish Breakfast
Formerly called Barrys Green Label.
Taste: lighter and more subtle in flavor that Barrys Gold or Barrys Classic
Box Color: green
Brews: light gold or light amber color.
Availability: Barry’s Irish Breakfast tea bags.

Barrys Decaf
Introduced by Barrys Tea in the 1990s.
Taste: good decaf tea with a lot of flavor.
Box Color: dark blue.
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry’s Decaffeinated tea bags.

Barrys Earl Grey
Irish tea blended with bergamot oil, which has a citrus flavor.
Taste: a strong earl grey tea.
Box Color: light blue
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry’s Earl Grey tea bags.

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