Tony Blair Laments Modern State of Tea

Obviously he was not drinking Scottish Blend tea.

Information courtesy of the BBC. Listen to audio of Tony Blair’s comments.

One of the world most recognizable tea drinkers, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair recently commented on the modern state of tea.

Although he is often seen with a cup of tea, Blair laments the modern state of tea. Blair made the comments about tea when he was interviewed by a US radio station.

Blair’s major regret about his time as Prime Minister was not championing the British traditional cup of tea. “If I were running for office again I’d make it a major part of any platform”, said Blair.

Blair is particular about his tea, “It’s got to be properly strong, it’s got to have the right color. The trouble is, not many people do it like that.”

When an audience member told him it was hard to get a good cup of tea in London, Blair said, “I fear you may be right. This is a British tradition that must not be lost. If I were running for office again, I would make it a major part of any platform.”

When traveling, Blair often drinks coffee. “That why I drink coffee when I’m in mainland Europe, because they just can’t make a cup of tea”, said Blair.


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