Nambarrie Tea Lays Off Workers

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In a sign the tough times are touching the tea business, Nambarrie Tea announced it is closing their Belfast, Northern Ireland tea factory later this year.   Up to 43 could be affected in the decision to close the plant, which was made by R Twining and Company, Nambarrie’s parent company. Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s most popular tea.

Read about the plant closing at BBC News or the Nambarrie web site.


  1. This is not only a shame, it is an outrage. I strongly urge you in England, now that American money is being invested so heavily into Northern Ireland, to open your minds to the fact that such excellent tea can be a goldmine for you, not for the snooty attitude propounded by Twinings but for the fact of Nambarrie’s EVERYDAY EXCELLENCE!!
    We bring the giant pagages back with us and our tea drinking friends – expats Mayo through Dublin and up to Scotland all love Nambarrie as the tea of choice. Please don’t be so stupid as to stop manufacture of such a brilliant blend. If you wish, I and my family (from New York to Pittsburgh) would be willing to offer testimony, written or filmed to the excellence of Nambarrie tea.
    Gerard Furey

  2. I thoroghly agree with Mr. Furey’s comments. My husband and I fell in love with Nambarrie while in Belfast in 2004 and have been ordering it directly from the company since then. I keep a variety of teas on my desk at work and make it available to all of my co workers; however, the Nambarrie disappears the quickest! I also keep my family in south Georgia supplied also. The closing of the plant will upset people all over the state of Georgia!

    Kathryn Mayo

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