BBC Tells How to Make Perfect Cup of Tea

Courtesy of the BBC.

For centuries, tea drinkers have debated how to make the perfect cup. Now, the BBC jumps into the argument.

The BBC has 7 steps to make the perfect cup of tea. You may want to start with good English tea, maybe some PG Tips.

1. Boil a kettle of water.

2. Warm the pot by putting some of the boiling water into a teapot, swill the water round, and then discard it.

3. Now, add tea. You can use teabags, but the traditional way is to use loose tea. The amount varies on how strong you like your tea, but traditionally you would use one teaspoon for each person and one for the pot.

4. Pour boiling water on to the tea. Now, stir the tea, put the lid on the pot and let the tea stand, or brew, for five minutes. It is important that the water is boiling so that the flavors develop.

5. Put a small amount of milk into each cup and pour on the tea. If you used loose tea, pour it through a tea strainer to catch all the leaves. You could also drink your tea without milk but with a slice of lemon.

6. Traditionally, a bone china tea set with matching cups, saucers, plates, milk jug, tea pot and sugar bowl would be used. Nowadays, we tend to use mugs, especially for breakfast.

7. Add sugar to taste and enjoy a lovely cuppa.

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