Churchill Tea Quote Sums It All Up

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This quote from Winston Churchill totally sums up the importance of tea.  Image from Whittard Instagram page. #Didyouknow During WWII tea was rationed from 1940 until 1952! Winston Churchill, however, directed that servicemen were to always have as many cups of tea as they wanted. We think he may have liked our 50’s inspired Pro-Tea infuser mugs, with removable stainless …

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Tea and Sport: DJ Miles and Cricket

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Tea companies have long been part of the sporting world. Many are associated with sports teams.  DJ Miles is part of this association as they have become a sponsor of England’s Somerset County Cricket Club.  Miles in the club’s official tea partner. Somerset County Cricket and DJ Miles both have long been associated with the area with Miles based in …

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Cooking with Tea: Tea Flavored Shortbread

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While all baked goods go particularly well with a cup of tea, shortbread may be the best pairing. Although most people may not try to make shortbread, it is actually easy to bake.  Here is a recipe, courtesy of Typhoo, for tea flavored shortbread. To begin, gather these ingredients: 125g/4oz butter 50g/2oz sugar 175g/6oz plain flour 1 tbsp milk Typhoo …