Funny Nambarrie Tea Commercial

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Anybody that ever had an appliance repair person visit your home should watch this Nambarrie commercial. This only aired in Northern Ireland but now you can see it. It is amusing. Just shows that the world over people have the same issues. Nambarrie Tea is popular in Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you like Irish teas, you should try it.

PG Tips Ad with Wallace and Gromit

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We are big fans of Wallace and Gromit. We even had a field trip to see the recent movie: Wallace and Gromit in The Case of the Were-Rabbit. We were the only adults in the theater. A recent advertising campaign (seen on TV only in the UK) from PG Tips featured Wallace and Gromit. Wallace and Gromit were having a …

New PG Tips Ad

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Although you have to live in the UK to see this on tv, here is the latest PG Tips television commercial. This ad highlights PG Tips working with Rainforest Alliance.   Monkey is great.

Meet Mr Shifter from the first PG Tips Ads

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Now that you have met monkey and Al, from the current PG Tips ad campaign, you should see the first campaign. The original ad campaign for PG Tips started in 1956 (in the UK) and used chimpanzees dressed as humans. The chimps were called the Tipps family. The original campaign holds the Guinness record for lost running campaign in the …

Billboard of Barrys Tea

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In addition to good commercials, Barrys Tea is one of the few tea companies to put all of their advertising on their web site. For tea fans like ourselves, it is great to be able to sell all the ads. Check out this Barrys Billboard. We may have to try and buy a bedspread like this. The product in the …