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London Fruit & Herb Teas are Here

Posted on | August 22, 2012 | No Comments

Now, you can get some of the premier herbal teas with the all-new availability of London Fruit & Herb Tea.

London Fruit & Herb Teas are different because they have developed a unique process  to blend fruit juices and real fruit to produce exceptional herbal teas.  Some of the most unqiue teas are Blackcurrant Bracer, which contains real blackcurrant juice and leaves as well as Raspberry Rendezvous, which contains real raspberry juice.  All London Fruit & Herb Herbal Teas are naturally caffeine-free. The Green Teas do contain caffeine.

London Fruit & Herbal Tea is part of the Typhoo Tea Company. All London Fruit & Herb Tea Company Teas are made in England, under care of the company’s master tea blender. So, you can be assured of the highest quality.

To Make Perfect Cup of London Fruit & Herb Tea
Always fill your kettle with fresh, cold water every time you make tea. If you use previously boiled water, all the oxygen in the water will be gone by the time it boils a second time. The oxygen in the water is necessary to bring out the full flavor in a cup of tea.   First, bring the water to a rolling boil. Then, pour water in a mug over the tea bag. London Fruit & Herb recommends using 1 tea bag per cup. Allow tea to steep for 5 minutes and remove the tea bag. Sweeten to taste. Since this is an herbal tea, it is best not to pour milk over the tea.




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