What Tea Did Wife of Irish Rugby Player Pack for Tour?

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What Irish Tea did Jean-Marie Stander, wife of CJ Stander of the Ireland national rugby team, pack for the team’s recent tour of South Africa?  Jean-Marie has taken a liking to Barrys Tea and took it along on the team’s trip to South Africa. The Stander’s are actually South African.  They moved to Ireland in 2012 when CJ signed to …

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How Did PG Tips Drinkers Vote in Brexit Referendum?

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A recent UK survey revealed that PG Tips Tea drinkers voted to leave the EU in the recent referendum. The survey was done by the advertising trade magazine Campaign using data from a market research firm and checking it against preferences of 100,000 consumers. The top 10 brands of people voting to leave are HP Sauce, Bisto, ITV news, The …

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What Tea did UK Olympic Tea Bring to Rio?

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To make accommodations in RIO more conducive to success, the United Kingdom Olmpic Tea brought some touches of home to Brazil. The team took sofa, Union Jack cushions, kettles and of course tea. But, what tea did they bring? The tea that the team took to RIO was PG Tips, the UK’s best-selling tea.  Read more of the items the …

Chocolate Iced Tea on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

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Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which is probably another day you didnt know about.  Skip the Chocolate Chip Cookies and have Chocolate Iced Tea. It tastes great and is easy to make. Chocolate and tea. Most people love chocolate and enjoy a good cup of tea. Now, you can combine both by creating your own cup of chocolate …

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King Cole Tea Week: Morse’s Tea

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All this week, we are continuing to tell more about King Cole Tea, a very popular brand of tea in Canada that is not known to tea drinkers in the US.  Perhaps even more unknown, unless you grew up in the Canadian Maritime Provinces is Morse’s Tea. Morse’s  is another solid, black tea full of body and tasting great.  Morse’s …