Northern Ireland Tea Week: Learn About Nambarrie

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Although there are a variety of teas made in Northern Ireland, Nambarrie Tea may be the most well-known.  Nambarrie states the company is the most popular tea in Northern Ireland and the 3rd most popular tea in Scotland.  It is also popular across the globe. The company began as Pratt & Montgomery in Belfast in 1860.   Nambarrie is Northern …

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PG Tips Extra Strong Reaches USA

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Recently, PG Tips has released a range of new teas.  The company has a new line of premium teas, green teas and herbal tea. One of the newest is PG Tips Extra Strong Tea.  Previously, the tea has only been available in the UK.  It has just became available in the US at   PG Tips Extra Strong Tea …

See Where Your Williamson Earl Grey Grows

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Williamson Tea makes one of the great Earl Grey Teas. Actually, its an award-winning tea, having won a3 star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute, otherwise referred to as the “Food Oscars.”  A good Earl Grey Tea starts with a good black tea.  Williamson uses tea they grow on their own tea farms in Kenya. Williamson does not …

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Nigella Lawson Signed Tea Boxes Appearing Soon

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Soon, you will be able to get your packaged of tea signed by British tv chef Nigella Lawson.   Well it wont be personally autographed, but rather her signature will appear on the side of packages of Typhoo Tea. Lawson has appeared in the current Typhoo advertising campaign.  The side of the package features her signature along with the phrase, “”The …

Try a Refreshing Rooibos Summer Smoothie

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Rooibos Tea is becoming more popular as tea drinkers discover its great taste and health benfits. Caffeine-free, rooibos is a great-tasing herbal tea. Here is a delicious summer smoothie using rooibos. Before you begin, gather these ingredients. 1 quart (liter) of cold Rooibos Tea 1 quart (liter) of orange juice 1 quart (liter) ginger ale 2 cups soda water 1 …

Closed Typhoo Factory will be University Campus

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Although it has been closed since 1978, a former Typhoo Tea plant is set to become a new university campus. Located in Birmingham, England, the facility will be part of a center managed by Birmingham City University.  The former plant closed following Typhoo’s merger with Schwepps.   Get more details from the Birmingham Mail.